Quick syntax reference to python, numpy, Tensorflow


I have coding background, but do not know python, numpy, matplot lib, sklearn, tensorflow,

Where can i find quick reference for syntax?
This would be very helpful, when doing programming assignment.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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All the things you mention are “open source” projects. There are tons of documentation and tutorials out on the web and you can even find the source code if you want. Just try googling “python syntax tutorial” or google the particular construct you are dealing with, e.g. “python dictionary” or “python named parameter” or “matplotlib tutorial”.

It would be good to start with a basic python tutorial. If you’re an experienced programmer, the top level point about python that you might find surprising is that indentation is part of the syntax. They don’t use {} or “begin/end” to delimit loops and other control constructs (if statements): it is all done with the indentation. Something important to be aware of.

Actually here’s a great recent thread from mentor Raymond which discusses how indentation works in python.

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Many thanks for the quick response. I will try it tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: