RateLimitError: exceeded quota for this month, llm.call_as_llm

For Question & Answer, Just checking if it’s normal to keep getting RateLimitError exception.

[26] response = llm.call_as_llm(f"{qdocs} Question: Please list all your \
shirts with sun protection in a table in markdown and summarize each one.")

RateLimitError: exceeded quota for this month

OpenAI enforces rate limits on the requests you can make to the API. More in https://platform.openai.com/account/rate-limits.

Hi @Robert.Thompson

Yes, I too got this kind of error a few days ago on end of June. In July however, I am able to run the cell that you are mentioning in the question. That means deeplearning.ai has some monthly allowed quota that needs to be kept in mind while studying. One example is in the image I uploaded.

I think, the rate limit imposed by openai is for individual accounts. Because, openai charges for the requests made (pay as you go), not monthly.

However, I am unable to run other cells. Those do not give rate limit error, but some other error. :joy:

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I’m not using an individual account on deeplearning.ai short courses or the Coursera.org DeepLearning.ai LLM course.

Hi, is there any way to get around the Rate Limit Error other than waiting till the next month? Currently, I am simply using the jupyter notebook in the course and deeplearning.ai’s access to OpenAI’s API. Do you recommend getting my own OpenAI API credentials?