Receiving 404 Not Found Error

Getting 404: Not Found error message on Week 3, coding assignment for Neural Networks and Deep Learning course. For a while, I was facing the same permissions issue, but now I am unable to access the notebook itself.

Hello Pranav,

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Please try launching the notebook from a different browser, else check your network connection. If that’s not the issue, re-login into your account and launch the page. Hope the issue will be resolved.

It looks like your notebook got deleted somehow. Click “Help” in the far upper right corner and then select “Get Latest Version” and that should get you a fresh copy of the assignment notebook.

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yep, but the link is broken and the solution goes against the ‘course usability’… I wouldn’t expect several broken links on courses that, actually, we are paying for…

Hi @covelus ,

Could you give a screenshot as to what happens. I have just tried and it works for me.

Technically the link isn’t broken - the Jupyter environment cannot find your notebook file, likely because you deleted it by accident.

It’s probably not a great design decision to call that a 404 error. But DLAI didn’t write the Jupyter package that Coursera uses.