C1W4A1 - Help, getting 404 Not Found in Jupyter Notebook Lab

I’ve completed assignment 1 for week4 but there was no submit button on the notebook, I saved and closed the notebook, and try to “Open Lab” again but now I am getting a 404 Not Found Error when trying to open the assignment on Coursera. Appreciate any help, thanks.

Maybe by mistake you erase something from the original link. Did you check that the link introduced is correct?

You might find this FAQ useful:

Yes, I remember what happened. When I finished the assignment, there wasn’t a submit button. So before closing the notebook to reopen(thinking it could reset the button), I saved the notebook, and by mistake renamed it. Is it fixable?

Yes. Please check the FAQs that Tom shared…

I have gone over the FAQs but it seems it would be helpful before renaming it, not sure if I am missing something. As of now when I click the “Work in Browser”(I use Chrome) I get the 404 error message, so I am not able to Restart the Kernel. But when I click on the Jupyter logo in the 404 Error page it takes me to the release file folder where the assignment is saved, I am able to open it and already tried restarting the Kernel there but nothing change.

Found the solution. How to Get a Clean Copy of an Assignment Notebook

Thanks everyone for helping!