Recitations for drawing graphs?

Who wrote this amazing code ?

P.S. May be some recitations on those functions?

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Hey @alfazick,
These amazing code snippets have been written by the MLS DEV team. We ourselves, enjoy playing with these code snippets, and we are glad that you liked these. As for recitations, I am not sure I get that, do you mind elaborating a bit? Like do you want some tutorials on how to write these code snippets or are you referring to something else?


Yes. I was hoping that there will be some guidance or recommendations on materials, how we can learn to be able to draw this kind of plots by ourself.
Something like that may be

Like dedicated week to drawing, I know it’s a bit out of scope of this specialization though.
But if creator of this notebooks, will be able to create short videos on how he/she approached to write those functions, that would be great.

Hello Askar,

Here is the matplotlib tutorials collection you can read right the way, and is by topics. The tutorial relevant to the code you circled is under the “Text” category and named “Annotations”. These tutorials provide good basics so you can combine them to create plots that you want to.


Thank you. That is awesome ))