Matplotlib functions

IN the labs there is alot use of matplotlib functions. tons of lines of code like following screenshot. I understand other logic using numpy and functions but the use of matplotlib for plotting functioning and graphing I couldn’t understand

Well, all these functions are used to make the graph and modify it as fit. For example, the “scatter” function is used to make a scatter plot using the given data that you inputted.
Best thing to do is to learn a tad bit about matplotlib.pyplot before trying to make graphs. It would just be easier for you. Here’s the link to the documentation: matplotlib.pyplot — Matplotlib 3.5.3 documentation

Refer to any documentations of the libraries used. Their documentations are quite extensive and very helpful. The matplotlib documentation even has a search functions. So feel free to explore.

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Would it be better to learn matplotlib form now as I am in week 2 of course 1 of machine learning specialization from other sources like YouTube and documents of matplotlib or just focus now on this course.

Oh yeah absolutely, no problem. Best thing, just take a small crash course of like 2-3 hours (there are tonnes available on YouTube; I did from a creator called Keith Gali), and it will be enough for this. And u can definitely refer the documentation as and when needed

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