Recovering Lost Dataset

I have lost the original dataset for Week 1 Lab. How can I recover it? It is a subset of the Cats-and-Dogs dataset. The grader is not working on the whole dataset for some reason.

I am not enrolled in the TensorFlow courses, so I don’t know if things work the same way over there. But in the DLS and GANs specializations, there is an easy way to recover any deleted files that are part of the assignments. Just use the “Help” menu in the upper right corner. Click “Help → Lab Help → Get Latest Version”. That will replace any missing files. You can also use that method to get a fresh copy of any of the notebooks: just rename your copy of the notebook first.

At least that’s the way it works in the other specializations …

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It worked, Thanks a lot!

That’s great to hear! Thanks for confirming.