Reference: Dimensionality reduction by Learning an Invariant Mapping NOT ACCESSIBLE
required password

if this link was given in the reference section under course 1 week 2 you should not require password to open this link.

I just opened the link from the course you have mentioned and it opened without password. Although if you have completed the course and had access to the course material beyond 6-month you probably are having this issue. if this is the issue, then kindly contact Coursera Help Centre, raise a query for access to the link.


I’m currently doing the course on Coursera
all the material with url is not accessible request a password

Hi @Edwin_Hernandez,
We’ve seen this before. The issue is that your browser is automatically converting http: to https: If you use just http:, it should work fine (as it did for @Deepti_Prasad).

You can try adjusting your browser settings or using a different browser to get around this.

You can check out this old post with more info, including an alternate link you can use to get to the document if you have too much trouble getting rid of the https:


O wow, thank you Wendy I didn’t have any idea about this trouble, I even tried to search this issue and still didn’t. I am glad you replied here, so even I got to know something new.

Happy Learning!!!


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I hope now you are able access the link??