Yann.lecun.com is password protected

There are several links to the mentioned website
eg in the following lecture

For me it appears as password protected and I cannot reach the material

It looks like your browser is automatically converting the http: to https: If you use just http://yan-lecun.com, it should work fine. (Works for me with plain http, but I also get the sign-in pop-up with https)

If you prefer to use an https site, you can google for the title. Here is one source: Dimensionality Reduction by Learning an Invariant Mapping | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

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Thanks for the advice @Wendy
In the end I had to change to Firefox, it didn’t work in Chrome even with plain http

Thanks for the update, @Alex_Litvinov - I’m glad you found a solution/work-around with Firefox!

I suspect the reason Chrome wasn’t working with http was that it was still silently converting the http to https. One way to confirm that if you’re curious is to try again with http and check what the sign-in pop-up shows as the path. Does it show https like your screenshot above?

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Sorry for replying so late, @Wendy, for some reason I totally missed the email notification!
Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening in Chrome, apologies for not putting it clear.

Sorry I tried using both MS Edge and Chrome and got a login popup. I think Yan LeCunn restricted his site… And the link to IEEE journal pdf requires institutional login. Does coursera provide such login?
Thank you

Hello @Dennis_Sinitsky

Are you looking for any specific pdf? Can you mention the name? Probably if I have saved in my system can share.


I think you’re right - at least, I’m also having trouble getting to a regular http: link for this site. Everything I’ve tried takes me to https: now. I’ll ask staff if they can look into updating the assignments that refer to the yann.lecun.com.

In the meantime, you can try this link as an alternate way to get to this document: https://cs.nyu.edu/~sumit/research/assets/cvpr06.pdf

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Thanks, Wendy. I got the pdf.

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