Regarding downloading notebook

while downloading the notebook after submitting the assignment, it gives internal server error…what can I do now? please help me…

What type of download were you doing? I have found that “File → Download as notebook” works fine, although it ends up giving you a local file with the extension “.json” instead of “.ipynb”. It’s easy enough to rename it and the contents of the file are fine. I have heard that some of the other download formats like PDF throw errors, though.

While downloading as pdf file it is throwing error… But 2 weeks ago… They downloaded successfully

Thanks for more details on what you are seeing. The next question to ask to debug this is whether what has changed is that it’s two weeks later and the software has been updated or that you’re trying to download a different notebook in potentially even a different course. Do you have the ability to go back and try the download again on the notebook where it worked two weeks ago?

Mind you, no-one listening here can do anything other than report bugs and this type of bug is typically in the Coursera infrastructure as opposed to the course materials. That means that even the course staff here (who are quite responsive to problems with the actual course materials) may not be able to do anything about it. Just a disclaimer before we invest more effort in this …

This works but I do not have access to images used in the notebook, they don’t show up. Is there a way I can solve this?

Just downloading the notebook file itself is not enough if you actually want to run things locally. There are lots of files, which you can examine by clicking “File → Open” from the notebook. There are various ways to download them. Here’s a thread that gets you started, but note that it’s not our job to spend our volunteer time solving your IT problems on your local computer.

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