Regarding Uploading course assignments on Github

I want to ask that can I upload the weekly assignments of this course on my Github account?

Hi @sengourav012

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Regards your question sharing your assignments it is a violation of Policy:

You may not share your solutions to homework, quizzes, or exams with anyone other than a DeepLearning.AI mentor or staff member. This includes posting solutions to Discourse, Github, or any other code repository. If you are found doing this, DeepLearning.AI reserves the right to take action against you.

For more information regards code of conduct, please, take a look at guideline

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Hi @sengourav012,

Please follow the guidelines @elirod shared with you.

However, I will like to elaborate on one point: You can upload your weekly assignments in a GitHub repo which is private and only visible to you. That is to say, you can keep them for your own personal use. You are not allowed to put them publicly or share them with others.


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