Release MLEP C3,4

Does anyone have an idea about the release date of C3 and C4?


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Hi @AmmarMohanna
Course 3 is expected for June
Course 4 is expected for August 2021

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Hum, that’s a bit disappointing. Guess I can pause the rather expensive Coursera subscription a couple of months.

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It is written on the landing page of the specialization.

To express my honest opinion, Coursera is not expensive.

@luigisaetta, I can’t find any information about two of the courses not being available on

The price is relative I guess. But paying 40-50 dollars per month for sitting around waiting for the courses to be finished does not seem like great value for my money.

If the last course is available in the beginning of August I would likely pay three or four times as much as opposed to them being ready now, where I allocated time to study and finish the specialization