Roadmap to master AI

Hi everyone ! so I’m associated degeree student in computer science, now i want to draw a roadmap in order to become an expert in AI, which means I want to be able to build models, deployed efficiently and build websites that implemet these models, so my roadmap until now is like this:

  1. ML specialization DONE
  2. DL specialization I'm in cousre 2
  3. Mathematics for AI and data science specialization I'm in course 3
  4. NLP specializaton
  5. tensorflow developer specialization
  6. advanced tensorflow specialization
  7. Maybe GAN's sepcialization
  8. MLops specialization
tell me guys is this a good roadmap for my goals, and give me your recommendations, also one think I don't know which framwoks in front-end and back-end i should learn in order to build a website for ML models knowing I have experience in weeb development.

Hi @Mohamed-Amine_BENHIM

It is a good roadmap.

I would move the the Mathematics for AI and data science specialization before the deep learning specialization.

Also, NLP Specialization after tensor flow specialization.

best regards

I’m studying DL spec and Maths spec in the same time, and u talk about tensoflow developer specialization yeah ?

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To become an expert, you should add a task to your list where you gain lots of practical experience. These courses are not sufficient alone.

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