Robot that targets robbers using facial recognition

I am new to artificial intelligence, and although this may sound like a challenge, I am eager to learn. I have a particular interest in computer vision and facial recognition. However, my experience is limited to using a pre-made facial recognition model by Nicholas Renotte, which was ineffective due to biased data caused by my chair’s presence in the images. I did not fully understand how the model worked. Therefore, I am determined to learn how to create a facial recognition model myself using TensorFlow. I have coding experience but lack understanding in how to use datasets and code effectively with TensorFlow.

Welcome to the community @ligt04.

Based on your stated goals, I’ll recommend the TensorFlow Developer Specialization. If you want an in depth understanding of the basics, start with the Deep Learning Specialization before taking that of TensorFlow. You’ll hit the ground running before you know it.

Hello thank you so much i was looking for it and its a course so how do i join

You can join on Coursera. You register and get started.

Yea but I got to pay

There is an option to audit the course for free. But you may not have access to the graded programming assignments and certificate. You can take that route.

I don’t see that option on the TensorFlow Developer Specialization course

Some courses do not offer an “audit” option.