To andrew Ng

Hey why we dont see computer vision specailzation in

Sorry, Andrew doesn’t participate on the forums.

What exactly do you mean by “computer vision”?

DLS Course 4 - Convolutional Neural Networks covers some of the core techniques and algorithms used for computer vision applications. The various TensorFlow specializations also cover some of these issues as well.

Hello @Mohammed13

As told by Paul, computer vision is covered in TensorFlow Advanced Technique Specialisation with a 4-course set
Course 1: Custom Models, Layers, and Loss Functions with TensorFlow
Course 2: Custom and Distributed Training with TensorFlow
Course 3: Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow
Course 4: Generative Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Course 3: Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow covers Transfer Learning, Resnet50, Object Detection and Image Segmentation.

This specialisation course is by instructor Laurence Moroney and highly recommended after completing TensorFlow Developer Profession Certificate course.

My personal feedback as a learner, I would recommend these two courses to anyone interested in AI and deep learning as the instructor explanations about various techniques, algorithm are above par. He explains each code lines with its significance. It also helped me understand the 5th course of DLS Sequence Models more better way when I started doing the Tensorflow course after 3rd course of DLS.

Hope this helps you guide further.


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