Why not a computer vision specialization?

Hello everyone,

I’m so grateful to Prof Andrew Ng, and the team at DeepLearning.AI for making the material available. I just read the last newsletter he sent our community through the Batch, and I’m very thankful that Prof. Ng places so much emphasis on students first. So, I have one question.

Why isn’t there a specialization for computer vision, while I have noticed that you offer a specialization in NLP ?

I just finished the CNN course in the Deep Learning specialization, and already did the Tensorflow specialization where it also dealt with CNN models at an elementary level. I’m taking next the Advanced Tensorflow specialization, but I would love to delve even more deeply in computer vision. I’m sure the same is true for many other students. Computer vision is an exciting field.

Just curious. As I already said, thank you so much for what you do. It is an inspiration.


Hi @Nick_B1

Thank you for the appreciation, computer vision is covered in tensorflow advanced technique specialisation.



Thank you for the quick response. Yes, I’m taking that next. I was just wondering about a more comprehensive specialization, just it is offered for NLP.

Most of the topics are covered in the Tensorflow Advanced technique specialisation, but I would advise you to take it after you have taken Tensorflow Developer Professional Certificate course for better understanding related to tensorflow.

But if you are looking for more specified computer vision, I am sorry but check coursera, you surely will find what you are looking for related to computer vision specialisation.


Thank you !!

Yes, I already took the TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate. I’m taking the advanced one next. Appreciate the guidance !


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