Run time for part UNQ_C11

Hi this is taking hours running this. Any way to speed it up? Any common error that causes this.

Hi @Fares_Bagh

It should not be taking ‘hours’. If you still have the problem there’s probably some mistake in your implementation.

Hi again
my lab code is vmpvhgpftjzh
my code is spending abnormally long time in the nearest neighbor function
in:- 2023-05-09 19:55:38.673048
out:- 2023-05-09 19:55:41.829051
almost 3 minutes. then you multiply by ~1400. and you get the vert long time.
The function pass the specific test fine and fast but may because smaller vectors are used.
probably i doing looping in a dumb way

Similar problem here! test_vocab was waaay too slow, and the issue was coming from nearest_neighbor
Turns out I was passing the entire pred matrix into the nearest neighbor function instead of just the ith element!

Hope this helps someone! Took me forever to find the error :sweat_smile:

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