Sarcastic Headlines Kaggle link broken

The provided link to the Kaggle Sarcasm in News Headlines Dataset is incorrect. It appears Kaggle has modified their link format. The working link is

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Thank you @rjt194 for the update for new learners.


Thanks for bringing this up, @rjt194. The staff have been notified to fix:

  1. C3_W1_Lab_3_sarcasm.ipynb
  2. C3_W2_Lab_2_sarcasm_classifier.ipynb
  3. C3_W3_Lab_5_sarcasm_with_bi_LSTM.ipynb

@Deepti_Prasad: Hope you’re having fun mentoring the learners. Please inform any tensorflow mentor to let the staff know about such issues. We want the notebook to be fixed and not hope that other learners will stumble across this post to get the correct link.

I didn’t know who is the l.t for this course so I haven’t notified.

Believe me it’s a mixed feelings on this platform because of the environment here.

Thanks for the heads up instructions.