Scale error in the video material?

In the video Scaling laws and compute-optimal models (week one), at approx 1’30’’ in the video, it says 1 petaFLOP/s = 1 quadrillion FLOP/s. shouldn’t it say 1 biljard instead? or am i misunderstanding the scale?

If you ask google it seems they are right, 1 petaflop is 1 quadrillion (10^15).

thanks, there is something i am missing, i need to be more prececise in the language:
i just double checked with wiki that says (in the swedish article, my language) 1 peta = 1 biljard (10^15); and 1 yotta = 1 quadrillon (10^24)
and then i go to “large numbers” (an article in English, still wiki), and it says 1 quadrillon = 10^15
most probably just a misunderstanding from my side, even if this confirms my previous questions (but still i understand i’m wrong).
thanks again

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