SEC Dataset

Does anyone know where to download the dataset used in SEC at the end of the course? I do not mean the neo4j.dump from Menu>File>Open

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I think you can find the dataset if you google it or look for it on online repositories like Kaggle, UCI ML Repo, etc.

You can also look for any direct dataset links on notebook itself, if available.

@Sree-sphere , are you asking how to obtain the data yourself, that is, extract and clean up from the SEC? If so, you can find details on Github. See this other post

@Alireza_Saei @kwiseth I do not mean the preprocessing & cleaning. I mean how do they get it in .dump format? Whether SEC or the other examples like movies’ .dump file

@Sree-sphere Oh, I see… This is basic database operations knowledge. Typically, you use a command from within the database application to create a backup copy, offline, of the database (its structure and its data), so that you can reconstitute the database on another system. For neo4j, you use the database dump command as detailed in Dump and load databases (offline) - Operations Manual

A .dump file is the result of this process.
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@Sree-sphere @Alireza_Saei @kwiseth Knowledge Graph Dataset - #9 by yash.kavaiya3


Hey @yash.kavaiya3 , thanks for your efforts :raised_hands:

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