Sequence Models course availability


I have some exams coming up soon and hence, I need to pause my coursera subscription. But once the exams are over (by February 2023), I would like to follow this course. In light of the new Machine Learning Specialization, I am wondering if this (older) Deep Learning Specialization will still be available by February 2023, so that I can finish this last course.

Could you tell me how long this course (Sequence Models) will still be available on coursera?

I quickly took all courses in Machine Learning Specialization. I think it is an entry level course with less math and programming. Of course, the coverage of Machine Learning should be broader than Deep learning. In this sense, it covers some different subjects. But, I think that “Sequence Models” is an advanced course comparing to MLS. MLS can not be a replacement of any of this DLS course. I’m not Coursera/ person, but I believe it should be in here.

There are no plans to discontinue the Deep Learning Specialization.

Hi @kevinsuedmersen,

As @anon57530071 & @TMosh mentioned, MLS is not a replacement for DLS, as MLS is its own separate specialisation.

And yes, DLS will be available in February 2023 and onwards. There are no plans to discontinue it (ever :stuck_out_tongue: )