Sequence models, week 4

I can’t solve the problem of exercise 8 no matter what I do. How should I get guidance?
The error is about cell 12 and 13 : AssertionError: Wrong masked weights.

plz help me,
How can I get help from mentors?

The first step would be to move this thread from “General Discussions” to the Specialization and Course that you are asking about. From what you’ve said so far, it’s not very clear which course and assignment you are discussing. My guess is that it’s DLS Course 5 Week 4, but that’s just a guess. You can use the little “Edit Pencil” on the title to move it. You might also want to add a “copy/paste” of the full exception trace you are getting, not just the final error message.

Sorry, if it really is DLS Course 5 Week 4, I haven’t gotten that far yet, so I won’t be able to help. But there are other mentors who specialize in DLS C5.