Sequential Model Error - Week 2


I’ve been stuck on the Sequential model step not showing up in the model output. I’ve read all the posts and seems to be an issue with how I am calling the data augmentor and/or the inputs. I’ve tried several options and read some of the additional wiki guides.

Spent several hours and not progressing, any guidance or suggestions?

It would help if you mention the assignment name or number - there are two assignments in Week 2.

I’m going to guess that you’re working on Week 2 Assignment 2 - alpaca_model().

The data _augmentation() function was already defined for you in one of the helper cells - you don’t need to repeat it in the alpaca_model() function.

this is for week 2 assignment 2, my apologies,
i removed the data_augmentation call as you suggested
i still get the same error
is there somewhere else I should look or consider
As I shared I’ve gone thru all the posts and looked at the external links suggested by others
not much progress, any options or guidance is appreciated

Please send me your code for the alpaca_model() function using a private message.

thank you, i was able to get it to work, i restarted the kernal, went back thru some of the wiki sites and “all tests passed” - your guidance was very helpful, thanks!