Service Opportunities

I would like to know which types of services I can offer to people after completing a machine learning specialization.

You mean as a freelancer?


Before to provide a service as a freelancer you have to rather build a portfolio to use as a showcase.

By doing that, you would be able to demonstrate your expertise.

For example:

  1. Build a forecast projects: Demand forecasting use analysis of historical data to estimate and predict customers’ future demand for a product or service

  2. Build classification project: Customer segmentation is one of the important aspects in retail business. It is vital for the retailers to adopt different methodologies by which high valued customers can be identified, in order to perform suitable target marketing effectively.

This is just two examples. You can find a lot of projects on the internet to work with. After build a portfolio and fell secure with your abilities, you can provide a lot a service as a mentor, consultant or even build your own SaaS.

I hope this help you

Best ragards