Should I take help from ChatGPT or write on my own?

Hey Guys,
I have always wondered about one question, and I would love to listen to your opinions, about what is better, if we weigh them in terms of their pros and cons.

Let’s say I have to write a blog, curate a LinkedIn post, or any other task that involves writing a piece of text. So, should I write it on my own (which will definitely help me to improve my writing skills), or should I use ChatGPT to assist me in the writing process (which will definitely help to me to accelerate the process)?

In other words, “Writing without ChatGPT” and “Writing with ChatGPT”, both the methodologies have definitely a lot of pros and cons, so I would love to get your perspectives on both, and tell me which methodology is likely to help me more in the longer run.

Just to add another thought to this, there are usually three types of writing that a person does, or at least, that I do in my day-to-day life:

  • Regular: Doesn’t involve much thinking, like writing email replies, etc
  • Creative: Pushes me to be creative, like writing blogs, LinkedIn posts, etc
  • Scientific & Technical: Pushes me to write in a formal manner, and to use scientific and technical terminologies, for instance, writing blogs, research papers, etc

So, among these scenarios, how do you think should I employ the two methodologies, to ensure that I get the best of both of the worlds?


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Have you seen this ?

My method: First I write my draft (or a single para) then ask ChatGPT to improve it — in terms of language and knowledge. Next, I compare both (mine and ChatGPT versions) and see which one is better. However, in most cases, I do not like the ChatGPT version. Sometimes, I mix both versions, while other times, I just go with my version.

Frankly speaking, ChatGPT (free version) is not good enough to generate technical writing effectively (even after reading your draft). So, a mix of both is a strategy I used so far.

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Hey @balaji.ambresh,
Thanks a lot for sharing the thread.

By technical writing, I didn’t mean to use ChatGPT to write any code. I don’t think I would like to delve into that aspect as for this discussion. Here, my primary concern is “Overall Time Involved” vs “Long-term benefits”. I believe that your post discusses the aspect of technical accuracy.

Sounds like to me a good way to get the best of both the worlds. Thanks a lot for sharing the insights @saifkhanengr


Hey, I’m late but I would like to share my opinion in this regard. I am an experienced writer. When I started editing my essays from Chat GPT, I thought it was one of the best software as it would have improvised my essay so well. But, gradually I understood that Chat GPT only improves your vocabularies and improves your grammar. These things have nothing to do with the emotional and sentimental content u write about. Moreover, Chat GPT cannot express opinions like a person does. Hence, as writing bio or anything related to your life you should consider writing it yourself. It may not be seen as fair as Chat GPT but trust me it will reflect you.