Single Perceptron Neural Networks for Linear Regression

This assignment seems pretty difficult and out of context to what was being learnt in the module. It is pretty difficult for me to follow this one. ] Is there any other resources to get a clearer idea about this assignment ?

Hello @Abhijith_S_Nair and welcome to the Deep Learning community.
What’s challenging you? Relating the mathematics concepts with neural networks or coding the mathematics function?

Both mathematical concepts and coding . I could follow the videos and understood everything, but when the programming assignment of Single Perception Nueral Networks for Linear Regression came, it seems to difficult to grasp the concepts in that particular assignment.

If you were able to follow along with the video I think the problem might be you might be quite unfamiliar with using NumPy and the assignment involves using NumPy functions. I would recommend you watch this video to refresh about NumPy concepts: Python NumPy Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

Thanks for helping. I referred some videos and successfully finished the assignment.