Slope and Gradient Descent

Hey guys. So i was wondering and have a quick question, i want to know that is positive number means positive slope and negative number means negative slope? And one more question. Which is relevant to the first question, which if w is large, then is the slope is positive or negative? If you guys are confused about my question, feel free to reply and ask about the confusion! Thanks!

Hi @CourseraFan, here’s a thread that you can have a look upon. Please let me know if it clarifies your query. Thanks!

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Hey, Thanks for the Explanation! But i’m still kinda confused. So if the slope is positive, then the w should decrease, while if the slope is negative, then the w should increase. Am i correct?

Hi @CourseraFan, @paulinpaloalto sir, has already mentioned this in his later reply. Just check it once, please :slight_smile:

Oh, so if the slope is positive, then w should increase and increase the cost while if the slope is negative, then w should increase but decrease the cost?

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Yes, and so, by choosing the learning rate well, we can eventually converge to a good minimum value of the cost.