Small defect in C3W4 Ungraded Lab 3 Alternative cat image

Hello, community,

I’ve noticed a small defect in this week’s ungraded lab 3 (saliency maps, code here)

There is a cell where you run the wget command to download the example image. In that same cell, there is a commented command to download what, in theory, should be an alternative image (I thought of Laurence’s Tabby Cat example in the video). Still, I’ve noticed that instead is the very same image URL, as you can see below:

!wget -O image.jpg

# If you want to try the cat, uncomment this line
# !wget -O image.jpg

Although anyone could plug the image they wanted, I figured I would mention it so it can, hopefully, be addressed for future learners.

I think the image used by Laurence was

Many thanks for considering my request.

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Hello @fabricio,

Thank you for your feedback. Your review is forwarded to the concerned department.


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