Statements in clustering graded quiz about K-means

Hi, can someone help me understand why I was wrong here?
Which correct statement I didn’t choose?

You are not wrong. You just didn’t select the second option too.

Okay, now I get it.
But the statement is unclear - I thought that they ask whether Ci is (C1, C2, C3). Who can ask to get my grade reexamined?

That option says each example i should be assigned to one of the centroids 1, 2, or 3 if there are K= 3 clusters.

If you didn’t pass the quiz, you could try retaking it.

The word “example” does not appear in the statement. I passed, but I want to appeal. Do you know how can I do it?

I know it doesn’t. But you should understand that ‘i’ in c(i) represents the ith example.

You can update your grade by retaking the quiz.