Stochastic gradient

can someone help me I have implemented Stochastic gradient on housing price data set, why this error is coming after code and how to fix this issue. I am attaching screen shots.

Please note that you filed this question under “General Discussion”. I don’t recognize the assignment from DLS or GANs (which are the only specializations here that I am familiar with). You might have better luck getting help if you change the category to the actual course you are working on. You can do that using the little “edit pencil” on the title. Or if you are new to Discourse and not familiar with how to do that, just reply with the name of the course and I’ll move it for you.

The other thing is that it looks like you are running the notebook locally, so perhaps it’s not even part of one of the courses here from Deeplearning.AI. In that case, then my first paragraph above is not relevant. If so, it might help to give us a bit more background one what the task is. Looks like it’s some sort of Linear Regression problem.

@paulinpaloalto It was question given by my university professor.

@paulinpaloalto could you please help me to overcome from this error?