Strange Issue Related to Practise Lab Online

Hello. I am encountering a strange issue caused by unknown reasons. When I am doing programming assignment, it keep on generating something like this.

Soon later this take over all the screen and I have to restart the lab and rerun the previous code cell. Not a big issue but pretty annoying. Dose anyone has the same problem? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks.

HI @Gehrman_Yu_74751Xiao

I think it’s because the browser you are used you can Change it and tell me what happened


I am using Google Chrome. Every few minutes later it says reconnecting the server and then generated that thing.

ok please also make sure from you connection on the internet and the time of your pc ?

Yes, it did pretty well. I am coding while monitoring the internet connection and no exceptions occured.

Ok ,I will also ask @chris.favila, and @Mubsi to help you Don’t worry


Thanks for the help. Wait for updates.

Hi @Gehrman_Yu_74751Xiao,

I shall look into this. Can you share the name of this lab ?


Actually it happens in nearly every lab.