Submitting C2_W1_Assignment

I have an issue submitting the C2_W1 assignment of Neural Networks for Binary Classification. The due date was 1st of October. Is that the reason? I have written the codes, and all works fine. But there is no button or link to submit.

@Mikias_Alemayehu, it shouldn’t matter that you are past the due date. The due date is purely a suggestion, but you are welcome to take as long as you want.

The Submit button should be a big blue button at the top of the page, like this:

If you’re not seeing it, maybe try refreshing, or closing your tab and then re-opening the assignment.

There is a long list of things that can cause the Submit button to be missing.

Any of these things can cause this problem:

  • renaming the notebook file.
  • adding cells to the notebook.
  • not waiting for the kernel to finish running your notebook cells (especially if training takes a long time for a specific assignment).
  • using an out-of-date notebook file, or out-of-date python utility files.
  • running the notebook in your local environment, and then uploading it to Coursera Labs to submit it for grading.
  • browser pop-up or ad blockers.
  • you might need to restart the kernel
  • you might need to extend your course deadline.

Hi wendy, thank you very much. I have refreshed it and the button reappeared.

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hi TMosh, Thank you very much. Refreshing the page did it.