Submitting my Assignment of week2

n I am getting error on submitting my Assignment of Week 2 of Advance Learning Algorithm course. Although I have successfully complemented my assignment all the tests are successful it is giving me 0/100 grade. I do not understand the reason behind it. Following are the few screen shots:-


  1. Getting problem as:

Please help me resolve this issue!

I have resolve this problem my self by taking following steps:

Previously I added following line of line of code:




that i have written at exercise 2 box. because it was giving me following error:

So I removed these lines of code from exercise 2 box now. And first ran compile line of code provided later by this lab auther than ran this code:


and running rest of lines sequentially later resolve my problem.

However, I think it is an issue anyone can get it. Lab auther should shift Complile line earlier to summary line of code

Do not re-organize the notebook.

If you can’t make the notebook work as-is, you’re doing something wrong.

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Where the grader results says “show grader output”, please click on that and post back a screen capture image.

No, do not do that.

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Thank you so much!