I am getting score 80 in the programming assignment of week 3 of the second course. Please help

Here is the grader output :

Please remove the notebook from the public post. It is against community guidelines. Sharing codes or notebook assignments is prohibited on public posts.

Rather post a screenshot of submission grader output where it will give details about your score and reasoning about why you scored 80.


I have updated my post… Can you help to find out what I am doing wrong?

something’s wrong here may be

Here is a thread with a checklist of the most common errors on that function.

If that doesn’t help, please note that you have not shown us what your actual answer is to the test case in any of the previous posts here. That might be helpful to know. Try running the actual test cell in the notebook, instead of the grader, and then show us the full output you are getting.

Hello anik,

Your error shows you have recalled the loss function incorrectly. You seem to missed a major step where you need to get the reduce sum of your loss function.

So go back to the grader cell before the cell where you got this error in the assignment and go through the instructions mentioned.

Also as stated by the other mentor you could only share your output and the expected output without sharing the codes for previous cells if those have passed.

If you still didnt find the solution, kindly let us know.