Course2 week2 all tests passed but got 88

@paulinpaloalto . I passed all the tests but couldn’t find what I missed. And submmitted several times, still got 88. Please help me to find what’s wrong.Thank you.

Sorry that the grader does not give more useful feedback in this case. My guess is that you’ve probably hard-coded something in one of the functions so that it happens to agree with the data in the test cases in the notebook, but the grader uses a different test case. E.g. ignoring the parameters and referencing a global variable that happens to be the input passed as the parameter for a particular test case.

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Thank you very much. I’ll check it once more.

Did you find what this issue was @HZJ, without disclosing any part of the solution?

Yes, something is wrong with my code, which can pass the notebook test but can’t pass when submitting. I fixed it and got 100 with the help of a mentor.