Suggested learning for Executives and Sr Business Leaders?

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In Week 3: AI Transformation Playbook - Part 1 (~8:20), Ng discusses providing AI training appropriate for roles across a company. For the “Executive and senior business leaders” role he describes that they should learn:

  • What AI can do for your enterprise
  • AI Strategy
  • Resource allocation

Was wondering if anybody had specific resources (whitepapers, articles, courses, books, etc.) they would suggest for an executive/senior leader? I know that like most things this is one of those “It depends…” or “It varies…” sorta things, so will consider appropriate caveats and relevance, of course.


I think the more knowledge you get about the subject the better it is, and then you can use your judgement on evaluating situations. That’s what I have done by doing as many specializations as possible. :slight_smile:

Hi @Russ_Hatfield , Thanks for using Discourse. As @gent.spah has suggested knowledge is absolutely crucial for evaluating situations. So some of the recommendations on courses/specialisations for an executive/senior leaders would be -

1 - AI for Business Leaders offered by Udacity (Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business Leaders | Udacity)

2 - AI for Leaders offered by Edx (AI for Leaders)

3 - AI Leadership offered by MIT (AI Leadership)

There are other courses offered by platforms such as GreatLearning, Microsoft but these are courses I would prefer as they aren’t too long at the same time aren’t too abstract and short.

Hope this clears your doubt

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Appreciate the specificity, @mtejas12310 – thank you! I’ll have a look at those!