Supervised Machine Learning - Week 3 practice lab: logistic regression - page impossible to open

I have been unable to open my practice lab for few weeks so cannot complete the module.
It seems the system runs out of memory loading the page and then crashes with an error message about “Not enough memory to open this page”.
On recommendation from the Coursera support I have tried all the below:

  • checked my browser (Google Chrome) is up to date
  • restarted my PC
  • cleared my cache & cookies
  • used incognito browsing mode
  • tried connecting from a different network and a different computer
    The problem still occurs. Did anybody else encounter this problem and managed to resolve it?

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

@Afef_S! After all the recommendations from Coursera support failed, did you contact them again? What did they say?

@lucas.coutinho What do you suggest?

They asked me to check here which I did (see separate thread Notebook crashed with error Code 5)
I keep being given case numbers. There doesn’t seem to be a way to re-open a case for follow ups through Coursera!
This is the latest I have case ID 03974345. I’d appreciate if anybody can help

Please wait for Lucas to respond. He will help you out.

Sorry for the late response! This is weird. I am directly in contact with Coursera to see what is going on and I am bringing them your cases IDs.

We are very sorry for this issue, unfortunatelly we in DLAI don’t have any means to deal with it, because it is Coursera who provides the environment and run the servers, we only provide the material.

I have just messaged them with your new case IDs and asking for a quick answer.


@lucas.coutinho Thanks for looking into this. Coursera has emailed yesterday that they are closing my case because this is with AIDL now…
Given how long this has been taking and the several back & forth, I must say I find this completely demotivating!
Could you please check if the problem can be linked to the code embedded in the notebook? The problem happenned when I was running some new code for the last assessment section…Coursera said they can’t access the lab content on their end but that you do?
Appreciate if you can help

Have you managed to connect with Coursera on the Case IDs I sent you? They seem to have closed the case on the basis this is a DL.AI problem despite me arguing this is not confirmed.


Could you share privately with me your email used to log in into coursera?


I am sorry I don’t know how to do that…

To send private message to him, click his name and message.

Any updates on this please?
The issue is still there

Hi @Afef_S,

As conversed in the direct message between us, I have fixed this issue for you.

You can open your notebook now.


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