Support Vector Machine

Why not include SVM in the course as well?

It is a pretty popular ML algorithm. I would like to learn when to use SVM vs trees vs NN.

Can I have access to the original SVM material?


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Hey @Rose_Wang,
Please check this thread out.

Although this is not discussed in the newly launched Machine Learning Specialization, but you can find some information regarding this in this blog. Do check it out!

I guess the original Machine Learning course is still active on Coursera, but if I am not wrong, it isn’t accepting any new learners. Additionally, the course will only be there for a short duration, and afterwards, might be archived or something of the similar sorts might happen. So, do take that into account. I hope this helps.

P.S. - You have posted the topic in the “General Discussions”, whereas, it would be more apt in “MLS C2 W4”. I have moved it for you using the little pencil icon next to the title.


Thank you. It is helpful.

Hello @Rose_Wang
Check the post from MLS Staff

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