Technical problem with questions

Time-frame with questions don’t loading… refresh and delete cokkies doesn’t help. After refresh some questions be able to show, but couple can loading and it can’t stop

Hi @oleksandr.tsikhun.19,

Can you share a screenshot of the issue that you are facing ?

And when you do, kindly tag me in the reply so that I’m notified.



Hi @oleksandr.tsikhun.19,

You didn’t mention which week’s quiz is this from ?

But anyways, I have opened all 4 quizzes from Course 4 and all of them render as they should be. I’d now recommend you get in touch with Coursera folks via the chat, maybe they will have a solution to the issue you are, if still, facing.


thanks! it was in week2 and today i see it in week3…