TensorFlow Setup

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I’ve been trying to setup in my windows 11 laptop to train my Neural Network model on GPU but ive tried so many ways but i couldn’t set Jupyter notebook to run it on GPU.
Ive used tensorflow framework for the building the model.
If someone have resolved this issue then please respond it would help me a lot

There are no official instructions for running locally, because there are just too many possibilities and combinations. Note that the courses here were last updated in April of 2021, so they use out of date versions of all the packages. There is no guarantee that things will “just work” if you use the latest version of everything. Things mutate really fast in this whole space and (unfortunately) not always in ways that preserve backward compatibility.

Here’s a thread from another student with a lot of good information about how to get started down this path. The high level point here is that the mentors and course staff cannot really provide this level of IT support for every possible version out there of Windows, MacOS, linux etc cetera. So from an “official” standpoint, you’re on your own. But you may get lucky (as in the thread from a fellow student) and someone else listening here has already solved the problem. It’s totally fine to ask, but you’re not guaranteed to get a complete answer.