Hi everyone I have a question
when should we start coding using TensorFlow alongside of our courses ? I just wonder weather we should apply it after course completion or it can be practiced simultaneously …

Coding in tensorflow starts in course 2 week 3 assignment. Once you do it, please go through earlier assignments in the specialization to note that what you did using numpy can be done using tensorflow as well.

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Yeah it was an exact approach that I had but I did not have any access to their assignments’ Data set to train them using TensorFlow

Are you saying about when to do Tensorflow course specialisation alongside DLS specialisation??

As the other mentor mentioned when you will start to use in DLS specialisation, but to have access to the TensorFlow Data and assignment one need to take that course :slight_smile:

TensorFlow Developer Professional is a separate course and not part of DLS specialisation, so one needs to pay or take financial aid separately to start this course specialisation which is again a 4-Course specialisation.