Terminology | How to read a function representation

Hello! My question is a bit tangential, but it is going to help me fix ideas on my mind. How you read this: f_{w,b}(x) (as in turn this into words)?

What I want is something along the lines of “F of X […]”. I don’t quite remember how to refer to the parameters of the function :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I’m pretty sure Professor Andrew reads this in full somewhere along the videos but I can’t quite find it right now.


Hello @Jancer_Gomes

In general terms, we can refer to it as just “F of X”…but no harm in referring to it as “F w comma b of X”

we generally refer to the function by calling out the variables in it.

In the old ML course, it was a lot simpler. It was just referred to as ‘h’, which referenced “the hypothesis”.

Calling it “f of w comma b” isn’t really keenly helpful.

I seldom spell out the function verbally, but if I have to, I probably will say “F of x parameterized by w and b”, or just “F of x”. My preference is to say “The model”.