What is the correct term used for this equation: w.x +b?

w.x+b : what is it called?

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In the context of the logistic equation or sigmoid function, the expression “w.x+b” represents the linear part of the equation, where “w” and “b” are the weights and bias, respectively, of the input variable “x”.

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In addition to @pastorsoto’s great answer:

It describes the exponent e.g. used in a logistic regression task; or let’s say:

  • x: the input of a sigmoid function,
  • b: the bias
  • w: the weight(s)
    where w and b are the model parameters that are learned within model training.

But dependent on your model you can also interpret this term as the cell body of a neuron within a larger neuron network (e.g. at a output layer of a binary classification problem):
Here also a visual interpretation possibility with a neuron where you can think of f as a sigmoid function, representing a nonlinear activation function of this layer:

Source: Choice of activation function - #8 by Christian_Simonis

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It doesn’t have a specific name.