Test Cell calls an undefined function

i’m trying to solve the first programming assignment of the week 4
however i’ve noticed one of the test cells which are non-editable calls for an function “initialize_parameters_deep” that is not anywhere in the notebook thus resulting in an
“NameError: name ‘initialize_parameters_deep’ is not defined” Error
Here is the code

parameters = initialize_parameters_deep([5,4,3])

print("W1 = " + str(parameters["W1"]))
print("b1 = " + str(parameters["b1"]))
print("W2 = " + str(parameters["W2"]))
print("b2 = " + str(parameters["b2"]))


and this is the error

NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-9-c06ca5e67807> in <module>
----> 1 parameters = initialize_parameters_deep([5,4,3])
      3 print("W1 = " + str(parameters["W1"]))
      4 print("b1 = " + str(parameters["b1"]))
      5 print("W2 = " + str(parameters["W2"]))

NameError: name 'initialize_parameters_deep' is not defined

please note that this is an test cell and i can not edit it in any way

Hi, Reza Bagherian.

Welcome to the community!

You have missed running any of the previous cells that defines the term initialize_parameters.

Hi @Reza_Bagherian , you might have deleted the cell contains initialize function, in that case you might need to retrieve the fresh notebook

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thanks , i reverted the notebook to the initial state.