Cell is not Editable (Read-Only Cell Problem)


This particular syntax is causing an error for me, as no function with this name has been defined in the whole notebook. I think this particular test case function was not earlier in this assignment, I don’t know why is it present in my notebook when it’s undefined and also the cell in which it’s present is non - editable (read - only), so I can’t even edit it explicitly.

That test routine is supplied by one of the imported utility files in that assignment. What that error means is that you probably neglected to run all the previous cells in the notebook. Click the failing cell and then click “Cell → Run All Above”. Now click “Shift-Enter” to run the cell again and it should work. Note that you need to run every cell in order every time you close and reopen one of the notebooks. You lose the “runtime state” of the notebook, including the “in memory” definitions of the various functions, anytime you restart the notebook.

If you want to see where the imported functions are defined, examine the first executable code cell in the notebook. That’s where all the packages get imported and any utility files get loaded. You can also click “File → Open” and then examine the contents of any of the utility files that are provided with the assignment. E.g. you can find that routine initialize_parameters_zeros_test and see how it works if you are curious.

Thanks Sir! It helped me!