WEEK4_Assignment1_after_2023_09_09 Update


I have already completed this assignment and wanted to review it again. But after this update I am getting error in the third executable cell.

parameters = initialize_parameters(3,2,1)

print("W1 = " + str(parameters[“W1”]))
print("b1 = " + str(parameters[“b1”]))
print("W2 = " + str(parameters[“W2”]))
print("b2 = " + str(parameters[“b2”]))


Function “initialize_parameters_test” doesn’t exist anymore in the public_test. It has been modified to "initialize_parameters_test_1 " and “initialize_parameters_test_2”. But those cells are not editable.

I also tried this option “Update lab to the latest version” . But didn’t work out for me.

The staff have locked a few cells to ensure that learners don’t accidentally modify cells that test functions.

You are using an older version of the notebook which explains why the method initialize_parameters_test doesn’t get recognized.

Renaming / deleting the notebook is guaranteed to fetch a fresh copy of the assignment when updating the lab. Most of your solution should remain the same. So, get the starter code for the newer version of the lab and have fun cracking the assignment.

Thank you so much. Deleting the notebook worked.

Yes, the “get latest” procedure will not overwrite your existing notebook. So you need to either rename it first or delete it. If you rename it, then you can “copy/paste” your work from the old to the new version. The full instructions and explanations for all this are on this thread, which is linked from the DLS FAQ Thread.