Text Embeddings with Vertex AI -- Not able to find encode_text_to_embedding_batched method

Dear Team,
In this course, ## Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings with Vertex AI

I am not able to import the utils module and not able to use this function

I wanted help on how to get this working. I am following all the steps mentioned in the code and able to do most of the things but got stuck at this point while using the batched api

Hi @krishnarao-pradeep

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Are you trying to running locally?

If so, you have to download all the files related. You can do it by follow.

  1. Click on the jupyter notebook logo

  2. Click on the untils.py file

  3. Then, click on file and dowload

Keep in mind that you have to storage this files on the main path of your project in order to import the packages correctly.

I hope this help.

Best regards

Hi Rodrigo,
I am trying it in my Google colab environment.
Many thanks for clarifying. I am able to see the files you mentioned. I am enjoying the course, it is amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do.

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it was a pleasure