TF-AF Course 3 Week 3 Assignment Error 2

Hello, this is my new notebook from which I am getting my trained model.h5 file.
But now the problem is epochs are taking so much longer to run and my GPR memory runs out. The most I could manage is 40 epochs in almost 8 hours but still I got this from grader.

{staff edit: removed notebook}

Your model achieved an average iou score of 0.14%.
At least 60.00% is required to pass.


Please delete the notebook from the public post. You are not suppose to share any codes or assignment notebook on public post.

Your model score is too low. Kindly review week 3 videos and ungraded lab again, and go back to your assignment, check where are all you can make changes as per instructions given in the assignment.

If you still don’t clear, then let me know.

delete that assignment notebook from your post.

Your epoch can also take longer if your batch size is too large and if your model needs adjustment.

Think of what makes training longer? What can make your training better in less time but get a better accuracy?

These are the points to ponder.


I tried reducing my batch size but again after training for 80 epochs I got this error.
There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.


you share a screenshot of your output with the expected output of your model and model training without sharing any codes.


can I share screenshot of my code as well? Please help me complete this week 3 assignment as I want to complete this course because I have completed all the required quizzes and assignments.


Please have a look at this post and make adjustments if deemed so, I think that your issue is related:

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