TF-AT Course 3 labs - Grader won't recognize lab complete

Hello -

I’m running the TF-AT Course 3 labs from the “Run in Colab” button. I’ve completed all 3 labs but the grader only recognizes Lab 2. Is there some dance I need to do as I close the colab session to trigger the grader recognition?


Close it and try again, refresh after this too, hopefully it works.

Hi - Appreciate the reply! Ran through from scratch, closed the colab instance, refreshed the course browser - still not completed. How does Coursera detect the colab instance being launched & it’s termination? I’m running in Chrome & haven’t had any funnies like this previously. Any idea where to find how to trouble shoot this sort of problem? Thanks, Matthew

I only see the notebook source in the link:

I clicked the button “Please do NOT click this button. The Colab link is shown below”. Then I closed the popped-up tab. Then I observed that the Grader recognized this Lab as “complete”.

That did the trick, James! Who says clicking random buttons & ignoring instructions is unproductive. ;} Thanks, Matthew