TF1 C2W3 assignment not hitting 99.9% until after 42 epochs

The inline text for this lab states:

The training should have stopped after less than 10 epochs and it should have reached an accuracy over 99,9% (firing the callback)."

However, this did not occur for me despite all of my upstream code blocks seeming to pass with perfect scores. My Model hit 99.3% accuracy on the training set after the 10th epoch (and validation accuracy hit 100.0% with 0 loss after the 4th epoch) so the callback wasn’t triggering.

The training accuracy bounced around between 98% and 99.8% from the 10th epoch onward until it finally (randomly?) hit 100% on the 42nd epoch. The 42nd epoch is much later than the 10th epoch indicated in the inline text. Is this expected behavior? Does the discrepancy indicate a hidden bug in my code somewhere?

Update: I completed the lab and received a score of 100/100 so I am inclined to believe there is an error in the lab text or code. Either the text should have indicated a greater number of epochs, or the code should have set the callback to trigger based on validation accuracy not training accuracy.

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The text you’ve highlighted in the post comes from course 2 week 3 assignment notebook (please fix the topic title).

There’s no limit mentioned on the number of epochs for course 2 week 2 assignment. This is the passing criteria:

To pass this assignment, your model should achieve a training and validation accuracy of at least 80% and the final testing accuracy should be either higher than the training one or have a 5% difference at maximum.

FYI for anyone following: the above comment from a Mentor refers to a previous version of this post which incorrectly referred to the C2W2 lab. The original post has been updated to correctly refer to the C2W3 lab.

The staff have been informed about this now.